Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tortillas, Wraps , Pita Bread, and Lamb Gyros or Chicken Gyros

I love Greek food!  LOVE it.  I love it so much that I even make my own lamb gyro meat! No, I am not kidding.  You have to use ground lamb, grind it until it makes a paste, add your Wildtree Opa! Greek Seasoning Blend to the paste.  Shape the meat paste with seasonings and then place in the oven to bake or you can cook it on a rotisserie to cook.  Once cooked, let it cook for about 10 minutes before slicing.  I use 100% lamb, but others like to use a lamb and beef mixture.  These slices can easily be reheated in a frying pan.  I make Tzatziki sauce using the Wildtree Tzatziki Seasoning Blend.  I like to add a small squirt of extra lemon to my sauce to give it a bit of extra zing.  The Tzatziki sauce can be made several ways.  I have made it using all Greek Yogurt, half Greek yogurt and half sour cream and using all sour cream.  The Greek yogurt gives it an extra bit of zing and tartness.  Add cucumber to your liking. I love cucumber, but hubby doesn't,  so I make some with a little and some with a lot! 

To make your lamb gyros,   make or buy pita bread, spread a layer of Tzatziki sauce over the pita, add slices of lamb prepared from the recipe above and top with lettuce,onion, tomatoes and feta cheese.  ENJOY!  My Tortilla, Wraps and Pita Bread Recipes can be found at this link:  Pattie's Tortillas, Pitas and Wraps

For chicken Gyros, I sautee white breasts of chicken cut into with natural strips grapeseed oil and add the Opa! Greek Seasoning Blend. Follow the same instructions for putting together the chicken gyro as above for the lamb.  Next time I make this, I will have to take pictures to share.  We had lamb Gyros two weeks ago.... we enjoy making gyros!

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