I certainly have quite a few favorites.  Lemon is another must have in my kitchen.  Lemon can be used in main dishes, sides, dressings and desserts. One of my favorite breakfasts is Lemon Ricotta Puff-Pancakes with Vanilla Scented Sauce.  Simply divine.  Lemon  Squares, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, meringue pie, scones and lemon curd are some of my favorite sweet and tart lemon treats. Veal Piccata is probably my favorite main dish that centers around lemon.  Lemons have a variety of uses, not only in cooking, but in the home.

The most common lemon variety is the Eureka lemon. Its slightly smaller, smoother cousin, called the Lisbon, is more likely to be available in the winter. There isn't much difference between the flavor of a Lisbon and an Eureka.

The Meyer lemon, is quite small and significantly sweeter than the ordinary lemon varieties.Meyer lemons are more floral and less acidic than regular lemons. Use the juice, zest or even whole slices to make wonderful treats! 
I love lemon so much, that I have my own Meyer Lemon tree growing in a container.  I'm serious about lemons. They aren't just for iced tea!
Meyer Lemons