Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We recently returned from a two week camping trip.  It was loads of fun.  We used many of the Wildtree products while out there. The skillet meals were perfect!  I cooked them in my dutch oven on the Coleman stove. We also cooked over an open fire, when there were not fire restrictions in place. 

The Alfredo Sauce came in handy!  I made pasta Alfredo one night, added it to some mac and cheese....and one morning, we were making eggs and found we had no more cheese.  I mixed a bit of the sauce mix with milk and used it in our omelets -- the kids loved it! 

I used Garlic Galore and the Cajun Seasoning in our other dishes.  I packed all of my spice blends in my dutch oven that was stored in a duffel bag.

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